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so, what exactly is kgp?

Khilogram Productions [KGP.] is an all-inclusive creative production company. 

We produce distinct, true-to-you moments from conception to execution in the various platforms our clients present.


As our client, our first priority is to ensure you remain true to your brand in whatever platform you are presenting: hosted celebrations, broadcast shows and programs, live stage appearances, etc.

We provide services from both within our company and our network of trusted vendors deliver top notch results. 




& oversee.



tell us what you want
(or we'll give you a fresh idea)
& we'll make it a Khilogram Production.


creative  conception.

We create moments.

What separates your event/performance/concept from the rest is how it makes the onlookers and patrons feel. 

the small details, although extremely important, may be forgotten but the memory of the experience will live indefinitely.

KGP specializes in creating a fresh experience unmatched to none.

coordinate & oversee.

We creatively direct. 

KGP provides in-house services & skills as well as those of trusted vendors to provide top notch execution.

We perform on your behalf as an agent and liaison with our outsourced team to ensure your idea comes to life effortlessly without any stress from you.

flawless execution.

It doesn't matter how great and innovative the idea is if the execution is improper.

Details matter, vendors & the quality of their performances matter, the audience matters,

your satisfaction matters.

In order to deem your project as a KHILOGRAM Production, we work tirelessly with passion to see the idea & concept manifest fullly. 

KGP LOGO 1.png

in-house skills

& experience.

audio production.

broadcast program production.

graphic styling & design.

event production & curation.


stage direction.

& more!

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